Take advantage of cost-reduction and risk elimination opportunities when you have access to actionable data provided by our team. With an early understanding of the data implicated in the investigation or litigation as well as the early identification of critical documentation, clients and counsel have valuable insight into the strengths and weaknesses of a case.


This service takes every step of a detailed managed review process, from responsiveness and issue spotting to legal analysis and document translation and incorporates it into a single step – no further review or significant QC is needed.


Seamlessly outsource any part of your contract management lifecycle without the burden of expensive legal supervision and redundant quality assurance when you partner with our specialist team.


Access our Managed Review Teams to develop custom workflows and implement state-of-the-art technologies, providing the support needed to complete a detailed financial due diligence. With a practical, risk-based approach to every engagement, our team has the experience and skills to handle a wide range of client deal support activities effectively.


Our litigation support services give clients access to a qualified and experienced SBS attorney who offers real-time trial and deposition support. This includes following the transcript feed in real time, identifying critical documentation to support your case and providing insight and access directly to counsel while the examination is taking place. With this service, your counsel has access to the entire document database at their fingertips.

Planning and preparation are the keys to providing cost efficient defensible review. Early Data Assessment provides clients and counsel valuable insight into the strengths and weaknesses of a case. Additionally, a proper analysis can reduce the document review costs by as much as 90%. Our Subject Matter Attorney Review Team (SMART) spends time applying sophisticated and defensible techniques to address overly broad search term results. SMART EDA allows you to receive key information early in the case, and greatly reduces or eliminates documents from the review scope. GET SMART!

Most review companies compete on price per hour. We know that paying less (per hour) usually means paying more (for the total review). Inexperienced review attorneys require high-levels of second pass review, quality control, and extensive testing and sampling. With SBS more is less. We utilize full time experienced attorneys to act on most documents in a single step. Only Handle It Once (OHIO) review strategy requires a level of experience and expertise. Our decades of experience and professional attorneys can handle responsiveness, issues, and analysis in a single pass. GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!

Contract Management is a critical component in ensuring profitable relationships between business parties. Managing this process through a traditional law firm can be expensive and inefficient, as often the bulk of this work is relegated to the most junior attorneys. At SBS we inject our most experienced attorneys at every phase of the process to generate the most profitable agreements, optimize renewals, reduce contract cycle time, minimize law firm review, and track key obligations and terms for compliance and risks. DO IT FAST, EFFICIENT, AND RIGHT!

Comprehensive assessment of a deal value is critical when considering buying or selling your company or division or creating alliance partnerships. Law firms may handle several transactions per year. SBS has 100’s of attorneys specializing in Due Diligence Divestiture review. Their combined experience results in centuries of experience to address key concerns regarding inherent bias, incentives, financial accuracy, benefits negotiation, risk analysis, and restitution vehicles. Critical business transactions require experience to be efficient and effective. Let our experts complement your legal team which will expand your experience and success while lowering your legal transaction costs. MORE EXPERIENCE, LESS COST!

97% of civil cases are settled or dismissed without trial. As a result, most attorneys have little experience with trial and deposition support. Our experts consistently work in high stakes matters and are experts in preparing the merit counsel with key documents. The litigation and investigation lifecycle consistently need expert attorneys to review, analyze, or assemble document sets for witness, interviews, depositions, motions, and trial. GET THE RIGHT DOCUMENTS, WHEN YOU NEED THEM!

Our Practice Services

Discovery Management is an expertise. We have combined decades of experience as litigators and technologists. This unique integration has created an unparalleled methodology to deliver excellence without sacrifice. We have combined the quality, ethics and experience of a traditional law firm with the innovation, technological acumen, and process driven approach of an LPO.

Who We Are

The SBS team consists of more than one hundred highly qualified attorneys and other legal professionals who provide legal and LPO services to support litigation, investigations, contact management, document coding, document disposition, translation and other legal, contact, and business services to corporate clients and law firms, domestically and abroad.

Our Team & Vision

START with sophisticated Trial Attorneys, ADD a passion for process and efficiency, LEVERAGE 20 years of experience analyzing complex legal issues and Big Data, and GET SBS a company focused on helping companies and law firms focus their efforts on OUTCOME. At SBS we know that 20% of the effort generates 80% of the important results. Our clients let us handle the 80% that must be done in the most cost-efficient manner, so they can focus on the 20% that generates favorable outcomes. We designed SBS to handle the requisite time-consuming elements of discovery and investigation, so our clients can focus on strategy and key element execution.

Our Clients

Our clients trust us to bring the best legal and LPO services and support. They join a growing community of recognized legal, litigation support team who are as committed as we are to serving them.

With SBS, you can increase efficiency and decrease costs, giving you a critical edge in the litigation process. Let us show you the SBS difference today.

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