Our Services

Our Services

Get fast access to actionable data to use within the legal process with EDA services. By having fully analyzed data and documentation identified and accessed as early as possible, clients can take advantage of cost reduction and risk elimination opportunities.

These services consist of two fundamental parts – firstly, the timely assessment of strengths and weaknesses of the case by early identification of critical documents. Secondly, the early identification of the potential universe of data implicated in the investigation or litigation.

Our EDA Process

During this process, our Director performs an assessment of the available data and takes defensible steps to further cull that data and minimize the volume of documents that require actual attorney review.

The critical part of this process is filtering data to discover, collect and assess the most important and relevant information – thereby, eliminating irrelevant content and streamlining the review process.

This data cull process is strictly managed and includes a variety of highly effective data filtering methods such as running file extension analysis and keyword development, as well as false positive and false negative analysis, term restriction analysis and technology-assisted review.

Following this phase, our Director will create a case-specific workflow for executing the review.

A managed review will be performed on the critical data and documentation that results from our EDA process. We utilize a strategic approach by incorporating all aspects of the managed review process (responsiveness, issue spotting, issue tagging, legal analysis, timeline creation, key document summaries, document translation, etc.) into a single step. This full and final review requires no second/third level review or significant QC.

Our Managed Review Process

During this process, our team of staff attorneys works closely with merits counsel to provide a service that allows rapid feedback on document-related questions and coding decisions.

This managed review process utilizes highly-effective technological solutions to assign, assess and review data in an efficient, accurate and defensible manner. Our team of attorneys will exercise legal judgment in the review of all documents, and will identify issues in accordance with pre-defined policy, focusing on substantive responsiveness and privilege.

This iterative process allows for the modification of case strategy by merits counsel in real time as new information becomes available. This daily interaction and feedback are critical to eliminating errors and providing a high-quality product, as well as ensuring the accuracy and comprehensive sharing of critical information.

In the event of a deposition, our qualified and experienced attorneys are made available to provide input on documentation as the deposition unfolds. By following the real-time transcript feed and identifying documents that impact on live testimony, our attorneys will be able to identify, source and supply the relevant insights and documentation directly to merits council as the examination is in progress.

In this way, merits council has the entire document database at their fingertips during live testimony.

These services are also dynamic in nature, changing to address the different needs of the client for data review, analysis and data assembly as the process evolves. This allows us to provide expert support services for witness interviews, depositions, motions and trial.

Our team of skilled business legal professionals is there for the client each step of the way.

Our Unbundled LPO Services

These services include:

  • The development of critical event timelines
  • Witness binders
  • Deposition and trial binders
  • Deposition summaries
  • Key document objective - subjective coding
  • Fact research

With a highly-skilled and experienced team, SBS is able to take on any due diligence and divestiture projects. By working with corporate, merits transactional counsel and our managed review team, we develop and implement custom workflows and utilize state-of-the-art technologies to deliver a complete and comprehensive financial due diligence.

By having a practical, risk-based approach to every project, our team uniquely positions itself to handle a wide range of client deal support activities to deliver a sound result.

Our Client Deal Support Activities

Our team is available to assist clients with the following:

  • Identifying and evaluating key business and operating risks
  • Evaluating the quality of assets
  • Evaluating reported earnings and recurring cash flows
  • Evaluating historical margins and operating profits
  • Evaluating deal projections
  • Identifying questionable transactions
  • Revealing cost-reduction opportunities
  • Identifying post-acquisition operations

Outsourcing contract management to our services team is designed to reduce client legal expenses and work seamlessly with existing internal process and controls with no disruption to client operations.

By partnering with SBS, clients are able to outsource any part of their contract management lifecycle with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that each process is being overseen by legal specialists.

Our outsourced contract management services deliver the legal expertise you require – with none of the extra costs associated with a traditional law firm.

The Value of Partnering with SBS for Contract Management

By partnering with our legal specialists for effective business solutions and services, businesses are able to:

  • Generate more profitable agreements
  • Capture savings and optimize renewals
  • Reduce contract cycle time
  • Minimize attorney dependency and review time
  • Accurately track obligations and terms

Our Contract Management Services

Our team can assist you with the following services, including:

  • Drafting contracts
  • Client queries
  • Coding services
  • Compliance
  • Negotiations
  • Notice processing
  • Policy management
  • Process management
  • Redlining
  • Renewals
  • Reporting

The SBS Contract Management Model

Our model consists of the following:

  • Commitment to the most efficient processes
  • Quality control at every level
  • Access to a talented, trained and experienced team
  • Utilizing innovative, cost-effective technology

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